training fysieke belasting

Manual handling training

If employees perform manual handling activities like lifting, pushing, pulling and reaching there is an increased risk of work related Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs) such as upper and lower limb pain/disorders, joint and repetitive strain injuries. This can have serious consequences on physical health and employability. By ensuring healthy work habits during manual handling you can promote productivity, vitality an reduce the risk of injury at work and absenteeism.


Employees who perform manual handling have less symptoms and recover more quickly if they are fit for their job, use proper body mechanics and apply practical tips to minimize risks. This can be achieved with the approach: Awareness – Behavioral change – Personal responsibility.



We develop a training fully aligned on the target group and company-specific circumstances. Fully customizable. Our trainer conducts an interview with you and a few employees. What do the employees do? How do they do that? Which are the bottle necks? And what do they have to learn? We make some pictures of this.
This  will form the basis of the training.

Brief content of the training

  • Praktical information about the musculoskeletal system and body mechanics
  • Gain an insight in some healthy and stressful postures and movements during work (in which we use photos)
  • Practicing proper body mechanics during bending, lifting, carrying, pushing, pulling, repetitive movements and static positions (depending on the work tasks) on the job or in a simulated workplace.
  • Learn to use muscles functionally to protect joints.
  • Some task-oriented fitness exercises, relaxation and recover exercises to prevent injuries
  • Prevention measures, what do you do when initial symptoms arise? What measures can you take yourself easily?
  • Evaluation

After the training, all participants will receive a leaflet that summarizes what they have just learned.

We offer a number of options regarding health promotion, consisting of a combination of plenary training courses and/or personal coaching.

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