A workplace assessment can help you to prevent or combat health complaints. When employees carry out intensive, repetitive work, such as prolonged VDU work, there is an increased risk of arm, neck, back or shoulder complaints. By providing a well-equipped and ergonomically safe workplace and healthy work habits, you can promote productivity and reduce the risk of absenteeism. You can also help injured employees to return to work safely.

What is a workplace assessment?

In a workplace assessment, we combine the optimal settings of the work area with ergonomic research and practical advice regarding the improvement of employees’ posture during work and their work habits.

How does an assessment work?

First, we will examine the extent to which the workplace is tailored to the work and we will map out the potential risk factors involved. Next, we will assess whether the posture and work methods of your employees are efficient and the ergonomic conditions are optimally used, or whether the workplace requires adjustment. Based on this, we will provide advice on the ergonomic modification of the workplace and the improvement of work habits.
Our starting point is the following chain of changes: awareness –> behavioural change –> an employee’s personal responsibility. The goal of this process of change is that your employees will start using their bodies efficiently and effectively to carry out their work of their own accord.

This is what a workplace assessment looks like:

  •  Personal acquaintance with the employee, after which the complaint(s) are listed.
  • An analysis of the work habits of the employee and the ergonomic conditions.
  • Ergonomic adjustment of the workplace, including the correct height, position of the mouse, keyboard, armrests, monitor and chair.
  • Practicing good work habits such as the efficient use of muscles, the reduction of stress on joints and variation in work postures.
  • Practical advice and exercises aimed at the application of the new insights and learning the necessary skills.


We will report the results of the workstation analysis to both the employer and the employee. In the report, we will also include a personal ergonomic passport, containing tailored advice on how to improve the posture (illustrated with photos) and work routines, the ergonomic adjustment of the workplace and possible bottlenecks.

Evaluation and e-consultation

Within two weeks of the workstation analysis, an evaluation with the employee will follow. If you wish, we will return to your company.


You and your staff will be aware of the risks; you will know which measures are important to take in order to prevent or reduce complaints; and you will possess the practical information you need to implement these measures.

More information?

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