Healthy Workplace Office Desk

Employees sit more and move less. Long sitting increases the risk of back pain, neck or shoulder complaints, obesity and diabetes. The occasional sport is not enough to counteract the harmful effects. Exercise in the workplace not only prevents physical complaints, it is also good for the productivity and overall wellbeing of employees.

A healthy workplace offers opportunities to alternate sitting with movement such as ‘dynamic’ sitting, standing and walking. Seating balls, ergonomic chairs and standing tables all contribute to a healthy workplace where more variation of working postures and movement is possible. In addition, if employees are aware of the importance of exercising more at work, they are more likely to actually make use of the many opportunities to work in a healthy way. But how do you realize that?

Moving house, redecorating or starting a business are all good reasons to create healthy workplaces together with Ergomotion. Our ergonomist gives advice and then draws up a project plan together with you for the ergonomic design of the workplace, (re)accommodation, (re)furnishing and information for employees about more exercise during work.