RSI trainingIf employees perform intensive repetitive work, sit a long period of time behind a monitor, then there is an increased risk of arm, neck, back or shoulder complaints. By ensuring that your employees know what they can do themselves to use their bodies effectively you can enhance the productivity and reduce the chance of absence.

With a training healthy computing you can prevent complaints such as RSI or reduce them.

Content of the training

In the plenary training we practice interactive skills aimed at improving posture, work habits, adjusting chair and desk, typing and mouse. During the training the participants become more aware of their (unconscious) working habits, they learn to consider whether it is efficient and they obtain practical skills to improve work habits. We also teach employees how they can review their (home) office and adjust it ergonomically, and we provide some task-oriented exercises to improve the ability to handle prolonged VDU work. At the end of the course we will discuss the influence of fatigue and stress and give practical tips and advice to avoid it or reduce it.
Our principles for the training are awareness -> behavioral change -> personal responsibility, to ensure that employees themselves will make sure they use their bodies efficiently and effectively for work.

Result of the training

After the training staff have knowledge, understanding and skills in:

  • unhealthy workplace habits
  • the risks and the impact on the neck, back and shoulders
  • how this can be influenced in a positive way by improving posture, efficient work practices,  exercises and ergonomics
  • an adequate understanding of prevention and dealing with injuries caused by VDU work

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