Training ‘Healthy VDU work’

The training ‘Healthy VDU work’ by Ergomotion gives employees the necessary knowledge, insight, and skills.

If employees – at home or at work – carry out VDU work and therefore work behind a PC, laptop, or tablet for long periods of time, there is an increased risk of complaints of the arm, neck, back, or shoulders and reduced concentration. By ensuring that employees know what they can do themselves to use their bodies effectively and ergonomically design the workplace enhances productivity, vitality and reduces the risk of absenteeism.


After the training “Healthy VDU work” participants have knowledge, insight and skills in:

  • physical and repetitive strain with VDU work
  • the risks and their consequences on the neck, back, shoulders and vitality
  • how to influence this beneficially through healthy work behaviour and the creation of an ergonomic working environment at home and at work
  • Techniques to better deal with work pressure, work stress, and maintain energy.


Participants will learn this during the VDU work training:

  • How are the muscles and joints in the back, neck, and shoulders are affected when working at your VDU?
  • What are the consequences of prolonged sitting and concentrated VDU work?
  • How do you positively influence the strain on muscles and joints by using your body efficiently?
  • 3 steps to set up the workplace ergonomically.
  • Tips and tricks to apply new insights and skills
  • Exercises that are easy to perform at work or at home that help with energy management and recovery.
  • What to do if complaints begin? What measures can you simply do yourself?

What does the training look like?

The training ‘Healthy VDU work’ is interactive and experiential. We alternate theory with exercises and exchange of experiences. The starting point of the training is Awareness -> Behavioural change -> Own responsibility to ensure that employees use their bodies efficiently and effectively during work.

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