ergonomisch onderzoek

With an ergonomic examination you can prevent or reduce complaints. If employees perform intensive repetitive work, sit in a posture for a long time or have to deal with a high physical load, there is an increased risk of complaints and absenteeism.

What is an ergonomic examination

In an ergonomic study we map the interaction between people and the designed technical and organizational environment. Based on this, we provide advice on the development or optimization of (production) processes and working conditions.

How does it work?

Ergonomic research is based on the observability of environmental factors and process factors. In this case, that means: analyze and measure. This can be used to determine whether a working environment and processes meet ergonomic principles.

This is what an ergonomic examination looks like

  • Analysis of tasks, policies and processes
  • Observation of activities, working conditions, physical strain
  • Carrying out measurements, for example weights, dimensions, distances, light, temperature, sound
  • Analysis of the findings and testing against health and ergonomic standards.
  • Presentation and discussion of possibilities and priorities to improve the ergonomic working environment.
  • Report

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