Healthy Working at Home

Organisations can help not only on location but also online to keep remote working employees vital and sustainable.


Working from home has quickly become the new normal for many employees. And although we all understand the benefits of working from home, it is also becoming increasingly clear that working from home can cause employees to develop physical and mental complaints and run other health risks. Long online meetings, taking few breaks, performing intensive computer work, insufficient movement, and the blurring of work and private life are common examples. Specially designed for this target group, we have developed online training courses, workshops, and webinars so that employees receive the necessary support in maintaining a healthy, safe and productive working (together) environment.


Where possible, we have adapted our way of working to the home environment. Kitchen tables, cupboards or sometimes even an ironing board are used. Such working conditions at home can be a strain on the back, shoulders and mental condition. That’s why we help employees to create a good home workspace with guidance concerning posture, healthy working habits, and a healthy lifestyle.

Depending on the goal and working method, we provide tips and tricks either individually or to groups that can be applied on the following topics:

  • How to set up your workspace ergonomically?
  • Creative solutions to adapt the workspace with limited resources
  • Developing a good sitting posture during work.
  • Exercises/energizers to prevent complaints and maintain energy & concentration.
  • Tips and tricks for building a healthy work routine.
  • Work-life balance


Working from home demands new challenges, both physically and mentally. We also offer remote support to employees who experience issues such as back pain, shoulder pain, tension headaches, insomnia, and stress-related ailments. We map out the underlying factors and how we can personally influence them. We use Zaurus digital consulting rooms. It offers the following options:

  • Video calling and screen sharing
  • Chat function and file sharing
  • Works on desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone
  • Easy to use for clients
  • Safe, encrypted and works according to GDPR

Depending on the situation, (partial) reimbursement via the health insurer is possible.

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