Ergocoach course Physical load

Employees dealing with physical stress are less likely to have complaints, recover more quickly and are permanently employable if they are fit for their task and use their body sensibly. This can be achieved by giving practical instructions to employees about factors that influence the occurrence and prevention of injuries related to physical stress. The course ERGOCOACH PHYSICAL LOAD gives employees the necessary knowledge to advise colleagues.


After completing our course, participants can observe, advise and instruct employees on:

  • physical strain during activities such as standing for a long time, cleaning, pushing, pulling, topping up, reaching, lifting
  • the risks and consequences of (over) stress due to physical strain
  • How physical strain can be positively influenced by improving posture, work habits, relaxation and the use of aids

Course content

The core of the course is: knowledge about healthy working and training of the technique of coaching.
First of all, ergo coaches must be able to analyze various forms of work behavior in a practical and efficient manner. Subsequently, they are expected to provide expert advice on dealing with physical stress, healthy work habits and the use of aids. We pay a lot of attention to communication skills, so that the ergo coach can transfer knowledge and insight to colleagues and, where necessary, also know how to motivate them to change their behavior.
The approach: Awareness – Behavioral change – Own responsibility

The following topics are covered during the course:

  • Insight into healthy and stressful postures and movements during the work (we use photos for this)
  • Discussing stressful work situations
  • How do the muscles and weights work during strenuous activities?
  • Which muscles can you use to protect joints?
  • What can you do yourself to reduce physical strain?
  • Practicing, experiencing and judging yourself while practicing different working postures
  • Common physical complaints: how do you recognize starting signals and what is your role?
  • Some exercises that contribute to task-oriented fitness and improve resilience
  • Coaching models
  • Practice coaching and advising aimed at awareness and behavioral change


Our trainer has an introductory meeting with you and some employees. What are they doing? How do they do that? What are the bottlenecks? And what must they learn? We take some pictures of this. This is the starting point for the course.


After the training

Follow up

Participants themselves propose subjects for deepening or expanding knowledge in the field of vitality, work / private balance, communication.



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