We are here for organisations that want to make optimal use of their employees’ employability and offer them increased control. Our way of working: Integration of physical, emotion, cognition, and environment.
We do this with pragmatic enthusiasm, a responsible, personal and focused approach to healthy working (together).


Do what is important for yourself and the organisation

We provide custom webinars, workshops, training & coaching tailored to your specific needs. In the field of physical overload , work ergonomically , stress management , sleep , lifestyle and vitality. The working method is interactive & experiential, focused on education & awareness. We ensure that factual knowledge is in line with the participant’s own experience by discussing what works. The aim is awareness of the participants’ responsibility and to take “control” over their health and employability.


Mapping and improving the employability of employees

Using health checks, validated questionnaires, workshops, and assessment, we map the health, vitality, and work capacity of employees. We create clarity about the direction, needs, and expectations the organisation has of its employees.
These results provide insight. For employees as well as for supervisors and management. This includes health risks of employees, determining the desired goal, and determining the effectiveness of the solution. The ultimate goal: To positively influence the continuity and productivity of the organisation as a whole.


Timely control in case of (imminent) absence

For employees who have become (temporarily) out of balance. Difficulty controlling their emotions. Have difficulty balancing work and private life Experiencing reduced vitality. Being bothered by (chronic) pain or physical complaints. Together with the employee, we map out the underlying factor and how they can personally influence this. Such as adjustments to the work organisation, work behaviour, attitude, or awareness. By realizing realistic, achievable goals, the employee regains control.


  • Less absenteeism
  • Vitality in the workplace
  • Self-Directed Employees
  • Less physical and mental strain
  • Creative solutions
  • Custom programs and training
  • Functional recovery upon reintegration
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I learned a lot from the pleasant group and great course leader. I can recommend the course to anyone who already works as a health and safety employee (keeping knowledge up to date) or who is new to this field.

Not only results from the workplace study, but also the preventive training ‘physical strain from computer use’ was enthusiastically received by colleagues. In our opinion, Ergomotion stands for friendly trainers and good cooperation

The participants were very enthusiastic, especially about the practical side of the training. This was precisely tailored to their needs and everyday practice. The instructions were clear and easy to apply.

If your job as a prevention officer is mainly aimed at preventing and reducing RSI complaints, then this is an absolute must! Informative, practical and dynamic; a good combination of theory and practice!

Thanks to the course, the nursery staff have more courage when lifting!

“We have become aware of the little things we can do to prevent major health problems.”

We are now well able to advise our colleagues how to perform computer work in a healthy way and to adjust the workplace ergonomically. Ergomotion has provided us with a good theoretical background as a frame of reference. And how we now provide practical advice and coaching proves to be particularly effective!

We are very satisfied with the professional assistance Ergomotion gave our office. The employee feels that he is taken seriously due to the extensive consultation and clear explanation.

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