We help organisations which want to make the most of the sustainable employability of their employees and increase work engagement. Our approach: A combination of physical, emotional, cognitive and environmental aspects. We do this with pragmatic enthusiasm, responsible, personal and focused on  healthy collaboration. All our services are tailored to your company’s needs.

Work with Ergomotion for:

  • Working ergonomics
  • Vital employees
  • A Healthy work environment
  • Sustainable Employability
  • Work retention and resumption interventions
  • Positive Health benefits
  • Integral vitality management

We’ve worked with Ergomotion for a few years now and have been happy with their level of service and communication.Our employees value their input and recommendations in bettering our work spaces and environment”

Sophie MannPalo Alto

Not only the results of workplace investigations, but also the recently preventive training “physical stress during computer work” was received enthusiastically by the colleagues. In our eyes, Ergomotion stands for friendly trainers and good cooperation

Marjolijn ElshoffHet Koninklijk Concertgebouw

“We have become aware of the small things we can do to prevent major damage to health.”

Jeanine Suurmond, Kreddha

We are now in a good position to advise our colleagues to perform computer work in a healthy way and to adjust the workplace ergonomically. Ergomotion has given us a good theoretical background as a frame of reference for our advice, but especially the way in which we now provide practical advice and coaching proves to be particularly effective!

Leo van Etten, Hoogheemraadschap van Delfland

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