climate researchA bad indoor climate can cause many complaints. An indoor climate often seems comfortable, but if employees sit still all day and are mainly busy with their heads, a bad indoor climate suddenly has a major impact. Think of complaints due to cold, heat, draughts, lack of fresh air, odours and stench. This does not always have to lead to dropout or absenteeism, but if it does, it can lead to a lot of damage: for the employee (emotionally and in terms of social security) and for the employer (production loss, replacement costs, etc.). possible to prevent. This can be done by means of thorough climate research.

How does a climate study work

Ergomotion is based on the perceptibility of environmental factors. In this case that means: measuring. Only then can it be determined whether the indoor climate meets the standards.
Before measuring, it is important to first assess what can actually be seen in terms of aspects. First we look and then we measure.

What does a climate study look like?

The investigation takes place in the relevant department . In advance, (some) information is obtained about the department (location, size, layout, numbers of employees, etc.
The climate research then starts with an introduction to and discussion of the situation. We will then make a tour of the department concerned, with the information in mind; this will also include a visit to the boiler rooms and technical rooms, where some short-term measurements will be carried out in order to obtain a good picture of the progress.

Reporting and explanation

All findings of the climate research are described in clear tables.
This way you can see at a glance how your company is doing in terms of climate.

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