Vital Employees

Challenges for employees are often: Dealing with the delusion of the day: not working reactively but doing what is important for the organization and themselves.
Finding balance, having a sense of control and keeping the energy drivers at the right level. Lack of vitality is often a hidden threat in the Dutch workplace. For example, absenteeism due to illness has been increasing for years, with a peak of 4.2 percent of all hours worked in 2018. This means that out of every thousand working days, 42 are missed.

Vital employees are therefore crucial for any company.
Vital employees miss less, recover faster and work with more pleasure. In the workplace, vital employees are more focused and less vulnerable to stress, which makes them perform better. Vitality improves creativity and stimulates innovative behaviour. In summary, vitality at work leads to optimal and sustainable employability.

We help organisations to improve and maintain the vitality of their employees. For example, by giving vitality training. Or implementing and securing an integral vitality policy and translating this policy into tactical and operational processes. We use a scientifically substantiated, integral, systematic and goal-oriented working method. The ultimate goal is for the vitality and employability of the employees to contribute to more job satisfaction and the realisation of the organisation’s goals in the short and longer term.

This is how we help organisations with a vitality policy

  • Operationalization of vitality (what do we mean by vitality / indicators)
  • Inventory of the determinants (factors determining vitality)
  • Developing training courses, creating support and securing results
  • Drawing up and (co)implementing an integral vitality policy

Why invest in vital workers pays for itself

  • Happy employees are 12 percent more productive than employees who, for all kinds of reasons – mental or physical – are less comfortable in their skin.
  • Companies like Google have invested extensively in all employees on all aspects of physical and mental fitness. As a result, employee satisfaction rose by 37%.
  • Employees with good health are more than 18 percent more productive and 27 percent less deficient than unhealthy colleagues’.

Integrate vitality into your company’s DNA?