Workplace assesment

Workplace assesment

With a workplace assesment you can prevent or reduce complaints.

If employees perform intensive repetitive work, sit at a screen for a long time or have to deal with a different physical load, there is an increased risk of arm, neck, back or shoulder complaints. And existing complaints can also worsen. By ensuring a well-designed and safe workplace and healthy working habits, you promote productivity and reduce the risk of absenteeism.

What is a workplace assesment?

In a workplace assesment we combine ergonomic research and setting up a workplace with practical advice on improving posture, work habits and work behaviour.


Increase vitality in the workplace. Reintegration. Reduce absenteeism. You and your employee are aware of the risks, know which ergonomic and behavioral measures are important and have practical information to actually do this. Complaints due to physical strain, incorrect posture or recurring actions are reduced or prevented.

This is what a workplace assesment looks like

  • Personal introduction to the employee and inventory of the complaint (s).
  • Analysis of the employee’s work habits and ergonomic conditions
  • Ergonomic adjustment of the workplace.
  • Practicing beneficial work habits, such as efficient use of muscles, less stress on joints and variation in postures.
  • Discuss options for actually applying advice and exercises.


We report the results of the workplace assesment to the employer and the employee. In the report we also include personal advice on improving posture (illustrated with photos) and work habits, the ergonomic setting of the workplace and any bottlenecks.


Within two weeks after the workplace assesment, an evaluation follows with the employee. If desired, we will come by again.