Ergomotion is committed to getting and keeping employees healthy and vital by creating awareness, increasing self-determination and healthy (collaborative) working.

Ergomotion is an organizational consultancy that is committed to getting employees healthy and vital by creating awareness and healthy (collaborative) work. Ownership and ownership in the right place are crucial starting points here. We look at issues from an integral approach to physical, emotional, cognitive and environmental issues. To what is needed to be and remain employable and how best to support employees in ensuring their employability in the longer term. Not only by offering interventions for employees, but also by providing clarity about the course, wishes and expectations the organisation has of its employees. Ergomotion is a network organisation with national coverage. We look for the right match between person and organisation for each issue.


Ergomotion originated more than 20 years ago from the paramedical practice for Exercise Therapy in Amsterdam. In practice, many clients came with complaints related to physical and mental strain. When the health insurance company started a pilot that offered the possibility to treat people at work, the step to business was quickly made. Precisely the treatment and training at work turns out to be effective because it reveals a large part of the source of the complaints as well as the solution to reduce and prevent complaints.

Ergomotion has grown into a national network of professionals. Already our professionals have the same passionate approach: From an integral approach we always look at the total picture (physical, emotion, cognition and environment) and strive for personal development of employees within the organization. Ergomotion stands for vitality and well-being in the workplace!

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