Labor Expert Research

Occupational research

For when there is an (imminent) long period of illness, or when it is clear that an employee is facing permanent disabilities. The labor expert survey shows a state of affairs which can be used in communication with UWV and / or insurers. In addition, the labor survey is aimed at a permanent solution for employee and employer.

The labor expert investigation focuses on answering relevant questions, such as:

  • What restrictions make it that one’s own work cannot be done?
  • Taking into account the limitations of the employee, is there a possibility to adapt the work, resulting in a good and lasting solution?
  • What options are there, if any, in other activities at the employer?
  • Are there realistic alternatives with another employer?
  • Which arrangements may apply to the recommended solution?

Implementation of an occupational health investigation

  • The restrictions with regard to the employee’s work have been determined by the company doctor. A translation of the available options has been made, the “functional options list” (FML).
  • On the basis of this data and data from the employer, the occupational expert determines the employee’s job opportunities. By means of file preparation (studying reintegration file, company data, job classification system, etc.), a visit to the employer, a meeting with the manager (and / or the P&O employee) and a conversation with the employee, insight is gained into the employment situation. in the employee’s motivation, presentation and impediments.
  • The occupational health expert will give an opinion about the options available to the employer. If there are no realistic options available at your own employer, this will be determined and the employment expert will provide advice regarding options elsewhere on the labor market. If there are possibilities for an internal solution, the occupational health expert offers advice on how this can be achieved and offers guidance if necessary (this guidance process can be offered separately if desired)
  • In principle, a workplace examination always takes place, as is consultation with the company doctor.

The survey is carried out by a registered and certified labor expert.


The aforementioned report of the occupational health examination contains at least the following:

  • A motivated occupational health assessment of the possibilities for suitable work at the current employer (adapted own work or other suitable work, so-called track 1).
  • Possibilities of the employee on the labor market (suitable work with another employer, so-called track 2).
  • Advice aimed at possible follow-up activities (in both track 1 and track 2), such as adjustments or supervision.
  • The employee’s view of the research and advice.
  • The client’s vision of the situation and the options for returning to his / her own / other position.

Who carries out the occupational health survey?

The labor survey is carried out by a registered and certified
labor expert . This adheres to the rules of conduct as drawn up by the Foundation
Register of Labor Experts SRA


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