HealthCheck: Measuring is knowing!

Lifestyle, health and fitness have a major influence on employability and the degree of absenteeism of employees. Healthy employees are the real capital of an organization and yet there is often insufficient insight into the health of the employees. There is no clear answer to questions such as: Does the lifestyle of employees meet the requirements that promote the maintenance of good health? What health risks do our employees have? How is the health of our employees compared to the benchmark? Is there willingness to change among the employees? A HealthCheck offers insight and eye-openers by providing feedback on essential information about health and vitality aspects (which can be influenced), which are important for the employee and the organization.


A HealthCheck consists of 2 parts: an online questionnaire and a physical examination on location or a home check

The online questionnaire contains questions about lifestyle. Questions are asked regarding
to exercise, smoking, alcohol consumption, nutrition and relaxation. The questionnaires can be expanded to identify other aspects of the health-related employability of employees, in addition to lifestyle. Such as
physical strain, recovery need and ability to work.

After the questionnaire has been completed, a physical examination or a home check follows. This includes one or more of the following measurements:

  • length
  • weight
  • fat percentage
  • waist circumference
  • BMI
  • cardiovascular disease risk profile
  • blood pressure
  • glucose
  • cholesterol

The above measurements can be expanded in consultation with physical tests such as:

The results of the questionnaire and the measurements are discussed with the participant and registered.


For the participant

  • The HealthCheck gives the participant a very clear picture of his current one
  • The participants receive a personal report explaining the various
    measurements and personal tips that they can apply immediately.

For the organization

  • At a glance insight into the state of the physical health of the employees within the organization and their department (provided there are enough participants to be able to process the results anonymously).
  • By using a benchmark, the organization can see how it is doing in terms of employee health in relation to other companies.
  • The degree of willingness to change in different lifestyle aspects.
  • Recommendations and a first draft of an action plan based on the reported outcomes of the HealthCheck.


  • Lifestyle coaching and interventions, aimed at nutrition, exercise and
    behavioral change. But also sleep, relaxation, stress, vitality and work & private balance.
  • Workshops focused on Exercise, Smoking, Alcohol, Food and Relaxation.
  • Develop a health policy and action plan.