Specialist guidance

We support organizations in the sustainable employability of employees by increasing vitality and self-management. Sustainable employability is determined by the balance between individual characteristics (health, competences, values and attitude) and work requirements. If these factors are properly coordinated, we speak of good employability.
After a personal introduction we get to work. Always personal, different every time, adapted to what this specific person needs. Factors that are included in the coaching are health, competences, norms, values, beliefs and work. We work (multidisciplinary) together with HR, managers and company doctors.


For employees who experience long-term stress and / or complaints. Difficult to control their emotions. Lacking vitality and resilience. Being bothered by (chronic) pain. Vague physical complaints such as hyperventilation and RSI


  • Result for the organization: Increase vitality in the workplace. Reintegration. Reduce absenteeism.
  • Result for the employee: Self-management, improvement of functional capabilities, balance between load and resilience.

Concise approach

  • Inventory of the employee’s complaints (coping and cognition).
  • Determining the relationship between the complaints, body use, load & capacity of the employee.
  • Assess the working conditions (such as the workplace, work pressure and work posture).
  • Coordinate with those involved (therapists, HR, etc.).
  • Training in the context of work. Practicing, reflecting and tools to apply what has been learned.
  • Reporting for the employee and employer.
  • Follow up.


For employees who experience difficulty with a lack of clarity in tasks, functions and responsibilities. Being new to a managerial position. Not dealing adequately with the emotions and emotions of others


  • Result for the organization: Retention and development of talent. Prevention and prevention of absenteeism.
  • Result for the employee: More psychological space and flexibility,


For employees who are looking for the next step in their career. No longer finding satisfaction in the job. Want to gain more insight and focus on qualities / ambition / career. They are forced to look for a new job.


  • Result for the organization: talent management, targeted career planning, increasing sustainable employability, relief in case of redundancy / dysfunction.
  • Result for the employee: You know better what is important to you and what you want to go for.


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