Ergocoach course I Workplace advisor VDU work

An Ergocoach / Workplace Advisor Screenwork advises you on a well and safely furnished workplace and healthy working habits in the office and at home. This promotes the productivity and sustainable employability of employees.

Ergocoach course VDU work

If employees, at home or at the office, perform intensive repetitive work and sit behind a screen for a long time, there is an increased risk of complaints of the arm, neck, back or shoulders. To prevent complaints from computer work, employees must be in good shape and use their bodies sensibly. This can be achieved by giving employees practical instructions about factors that influence vitality, employability and the development and prevention of injuries related to computer use. The ERGOCOACH MONITORING course gives employees the necessary knowledge to advise colleagues.


After the Ergocoach VDU course, you can advise and coach colleagues on:

  • physical strain during VDU work
  • the risks and their consequences
  • how it can be positively influenced by posture, exercise habits, behavior and workplace optimization.

You can analyze work behavior and working conditions in a practical and efficient way. This allows you to give good advice about healthy work habits, work organization and the use of aids.


The Ergocoach / Office Workplace Consultant course consists of a mix of theory, demonstrations, discussions, practical simulations and exercises.
Ergocoaches must first of all be able to analyse various forms of work behaviour in a practical and efficient manner. Subsequently, they are expected to provide expert advice on how to deal with physical load, healthy working habits and the use of aids. We pay a lot of attention to communication skills, so that the ergo coach can transfer knowledge and insight to colleagues and, where necessary, also know how to motivate them to change their behavior.



  • Basic knowledge of anatomy, physiology in relation to the development and occurrence of complaints
  • Become aware of and experience the influence of an unfavorable posture and stress on muscles and joints
  • Gaining insight into the consequences of risk behavior and work stress
  • Myofeedback (as a specialist method)
  • Ergonomic principles in relation to computer work
  • Legislation and Nen standards for the office environment
  • Evaluation and conclusion of theoretical part and preparation for practice


  • Analyze the work habits of the employee and the ergonomic conditions
  • Provide advice on the ergonomic adjustment of the (home) workplace, including the correct working height, position of the mouse, keyboard, armrests, screen and chair.
  • Giving instructions about favorable work habits, such as efficient use of muscles, less stress on joints and variation in postures.
  • Giving practical advice and exercises, aimed at applying new insights and learning skills.
  • Discuss the findings


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