risk inventory and evaluation Hira

According to the Dutch Occupational Health and Safety Act, companies based in the Netherlands are required to perform a Risk Inventory & Evaluation (RI&E), also known as a Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (HIRA). Throughout the RI&E, all risks in the areas of safety, health and welfare are mapped out and documented. In addition, the ‘evaluation’ refers to the estimation of the level of each risk. Based on the written documentation of the RI&E, the employer and employees can develop an Approach Plan, which describes how the risks will be addressed.

No-nonsense risk inventory & evaluation

The classic risk inventory report includes an endless list of all possible risks, many of which may not be very important or relevant. You can imagine that such a report is not overly constructive.
At Ergomotion, we know from experience that employers benefit most from a no-nonsense RI&E and practical solutions. Ergomotion argues that a constructive RI&E should emphasize the risks that are truly harmful to the staff. In addition, the positive sides of the company should be described, providing insight into the policies that should be maintained.

Risk inventory Report and Approach Plan

All the risks and positive aspects of the company will be described in easy-reference charts. In this way, you can see at one glance how your company is performing in terms of working conditions. You now also have a To-Do list; an overview of the risks present in your company. Who is going to deal with each of these? When will you be satisfied? What are the results you are aiming for? Ergomotion can conduct an RI&E for you and advise you on how to carry out your Approach Plan.

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